System Specifications

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System Functionality

The system shall provide a database for records, which will be restricted by the available hard disk size.
The system shall provide access control based upon user role permissions.
The system shall operate in accordance to Verdacom’s Policies and SOPs.
The system shall provide an auditable tracking system for each user’s actions.
The system shall provide an engaging, web-based clinical solution community.
The system shall require JavaScript and cookies to be enabled.
The system shall display at 800x600pi or greater.
The system shall allow content to be delivered on a validated production server.
The system shall conform to HTTPS protocol.
The system shall allow for the CSV file format download of all index views.
The system shall not allow mandatory fields to be left blank within a form.
The system shall generate errors when a mandatory field is left blank.


System Characteristics

The system shall allow for each Client’s data to be stored on separate databases, logically isolated from other client data.
The system shall provide metadata that associates each database with the correct tenant, and provide database security to prevent any tenant from accidentally or maliciously accessing other tenants’ data.


User Requirements

The system shall allow the user to view user accounts at the same level or below their role / permissions level.