VerdaCore Overview


  • Is a modern, compliant web solution for investigational drug inventory control at all international trial sites; centralized randomization, assigning double blinded kits to subjects, and providing real time data online during human clinical trials.
  • Delivered as a web application through a secure and redundant technical environments and can be engineered into any data environment.
  • Designed to easily scale up or down as projects require.
  • Contains a set of functions to manage the processes of moving drug product and ancillary supplies between warehouses, depots, and sites.  These costs are significant.  Minor efficiencies yield significant reward.
  • Addresses the problem of the lack of affordable, quality software to manage these processes. VerdaCore is economic enough for every clinical trial at every phase.
  • Licensed to sponsors per trial.  It can be used for randomization, kit assignment and inventory control – or simply for inventory control and assignment to subjects.
  • Easily integrates with Oracle, SAP, proprietary trial management systems, and any modern, compliant EDC system.